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Before You Accept a Cash Settlement, Talk to Our Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

It can be tempting to take a lump-sum cash settlement from an insurance company for a workers’ compensation claim. Insurance companies will always present a “low ball” settlement offer to an unrepresented worker. They will not pay full value to someone who does not know what the claim is worth. The claims adjuster handling your claim for the insurance company has probably negotiated settlement of hundreds or thousands of workers’ compensation claims. If you don’t have that same experience, let our attorneys examine all the issues and make sure that you get the maximum settlement you deserve. Talk to an experienced workers’ comepnsation attorney. At Gregory Smith Law, LLC in Augusta, we only practice workers’ compensation law, so we are experts in the field.

Do you understand what you are agreeing to?

Most workers’ compensation claims are resolved by a lump sum cash settlement at some point. Before you settle, make absolutely sure you understand what benefits you are giving up. Once the settlement agreement is approved, it cannot be appealed. If you think that your case is worth more than what the insurance company has offered, or if you have questions about the terms of your settlement agreement, let our experienced workers’ compensation lawyers help you get the maximum value for your claim. The attorneys at Gregory Smith Law, LLC are experienced workers’ compensation cash settlement attorneys who can help you get the highest settlement value for your claim.

Getting You the Maximum Settlement

If you want to look for a new job, if you might be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance or Medicare, if your claim has been open for years or if you have been released by a physician — these are all reasons why you might want to settle your workers’ compensation claim. We will help you sort out all the details and help you obtain the maximum cash settlement.

Contact Our Workers’ Compensation Settlement Attorneys

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