A truck driver in Augusta, Georgia.

Truck Driver Workers’ Comp in Georgia

Georgia workers who are injured on the job are usually entitled to workers’ compensation. Workers’ Comp benefits pay for medical treatment and weekly disability checks to cover a portion of their lost income.

Workers’ compensation benefits are available for most employees in Georgia, including truck drivers and others employed in the trucking industry. However, claiming workers’ compensation for any injured worker is not always easy — and this is particularly true when seeking workers’ comp for drivers of trucks, 18-wheelers, and other large vehicles. Truck driving can be a dangerous job, so it is important to know how to get help if you are injured.

Even drivers of commercial trucks who were hurt in truck accidents outside of Georgia may be able to file for Georgia benefits if certain conditions are met.

If you are a trucker or work in the trucking industry and have been injured while working, speak at once to a Georgia trucking workers’ compensation lawyer. We can help with your claim and put you on the road to recovery with the benefits you deserve. Workers compensation coverage can vary, but we will help you get as much compensation as possible.

How Our Augusta, GA Lawyers Help with Truck Driver Workers’ Comp

Difficulties arise the minute a trucker files a workers’ compensation claim with the State Board of Workers’ Compensation in Georgia. A skilled Augusta work injury lawyer can cut through the red tape that is in your way.

  • Help correctly report your accident to your employer and the insurance company. Truck drivers typically travel great distances and may not be close to their employer when an accident occurs. Like all workers, truckers have only 30 days to report the accident to their employer. Be sure to notify a workers’ comp attorney about your injury claim. Your attorney can then make sure your claim is filed in a timely manner. An experienced comp attorney will also ensure important documents and records are kept and deal with the company’s workers compensation insurer.
  • Help you obtain medical treatment close to your home. Over the road truckers rarely have accidents near their home.  We work to ensure that drivers are able to get medical treatment as close to their home as possible and not be forced to drive several hours to see a doctor the employer or insurance company has chosen
  • Get your weekly disability payment started. We work to make sure your income benefit payment is started timely and for the correct amount.
  • Investigate your claim to determine whether you have a personal injury claim also.   Truck drivers are often injured due to no fault of their own.  We will do a thorough investigation of the facts surrounding your accident to find out if a lawsuit should be filed against an individual or corporation that caused your injury.

These are just a few of the ways an attorney can help with your workers’ compensation claim. Let a lawyer handle every aspect of your claim while you recover from your injuries.

Common Causes of Injuries to Truck Drivers on the Job in GA

Truckers can become injured on the job in several ways. Those injuries include:

  • Falls – Falls are one of the leading cause of injuries that truck drivers suffer on the job.
  • Auto accidents – Truck drivers are twelve times more likely to be involved in a fatal auto accident than other drivers. Even when drivers of commercial vehicles survive the accident, their injuries can be severe and disabling.
  • Rollover accidents – rollover accidents can be caused by sudden braking due to another person’s careless driving, poor road conditions or from cargo shifting in the trailer.
  • Inadequate maintenance – poor truck maintenance can lead to catastrophic injuries and accidents.  Some examples of inadequate truck maintenance that lead to driver injuries are brake failure, poor tire quality and broken coupling components.
  • Loading/unloading accidents – The loads that commercial drivers carry must be loaded onto the truck and unloaded from it. These loads are often heavy and can fall onto truckers Loads can also cause back injuries when truck drivers lift and carry them.
  • Warehouse accidents – Warehouses can be dangerous places for any worker, and that includes drivers. Truck workers can be tripped by warehouse equipment or hit by falling objects. Sometimes the injuries have nothing to do with truckers’ loads. For instance, truckers may be exposed to poisonous chemicals or deadly fumes.

These are just a few of the injuries truckers may suffer on the job. Many of these types of injuries can cause serious orthopedic and spinal disc injuries. When truckers are injured, they should speak to a workers’ compensation lawyer who can successfully guide them through their claim.

Our Augusta Workers’ Comp Lawyers Fight for Georgia Truck Drivers

All workers, and especially truckers will benefit from having an Augusta workers’ compensation lawyer by their side. At Gregory Smith Law, LLC, we stand up for the rights of injured truckers, diesel mechanics and anyone else that works in the trucking business. We aggressively pursue trucking insurance companies and employers to ensure injured workers’ rights are upheld. If you have been injured, call us today or contact a trucking workers compensation lawyer online to schedule a free consultation. We are ready to help you file your truck injury claim in Georgia. We can help you gain compensation for your lost wages, medical bills, and even pain and suffering.